Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We are so Mother Nature's bitch

Seriously, how many poundings do the great states of Washington and Colorado have to take this year while the rest of the country is having unseasonably warm weather? Why did we rise to the top of Mother Nature's Smackdown List? Is it global warming? An excessive love of fleece clothing? WHAT?

We've had wave upon wave of lashing windstorms, just as Colorado has had wave upon wave of snowstorms. Our roof is leaking. The roof was put on a mere three years ago. YES, it is probably under warrantee. But our roofer, like all roofers, is no doubt booked for the next six months fixing all the roofs that failed or flew away or collapsed under a tree in the past few weeks. The general protocol is: If you can cover it with a tarp, do so. Then call us in May. If you call a roofer pleading anything less than catastrophic roof failure, prepare to be laughed at.

Enrico thinks he may have patched the roof. We'll have an opportunity to test that tonight during the high winds, sleet and snow.

Dude. Seriously. If I wanted to be slapped around by the weather, I would've stayed in Chicago. Where I believe my sister is currently rollerblading in a tank top.

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