Friday, January 26, 2007

All a-flutter with the impending sister-visit

My sister is coming to visit for the first time in over a decade. Yes, isn't that PATHETIC? I have no clue why she never felt compelled to leave the steaming discomfort of a Chicago summer for the mild, glittery beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but there you have it.

I am impossibly excited about this visit, even though it's just for a few days. Among other things, it has motivated me to redo our tiny little den/ music room/ guest room/ drying rack room/ dog room for her to sleep in. We have an itsy bitsy house, and have never had a private place for guests to stay. But that's going to change. My sister has put me up in gracious comfort many, many times, and I intend to return the hospitality.

So I researched, and researched, for a daybed. This room will only be used by guests, oh, maybe never again. So whatever I put in here has to be functional as a reading sofa and, more importantly, the place where my dogs lounge all day while I work - thusly:

So I found the PERFECT daybed. It's unusual. It's compact. It's low to the ground, so my geriatric dogs can continue to haul their butts up onto it. It has storage space, which is pretty much a requirement for every piece of furniture that enters this house. I bought accessories, and got all happy.

And then it all started to unravel. I started getting apologetic back-order alerts via email. It's going to be a nail-biter, whether this thing gets here or whether I am out the week my sister gets here, buying something else, something boring and storage-deficient and terribly disappointing. And then we got a lump removed from Toby's head, and I realized that we may not be able to bathe him before my (highly allergic) sister gets here because now he has stitches. Doh! Suddenly, the calm, happy state of nesting anticiption that I've been in for weeks is wavering.

But I will rally. I have contacted the importer of the world's perfect daybed, and told them my tale of woe, and Claudia assures me that they think it'll be here. I think she was deeply moved by my profound and slightly unhinged adoration for this item of furniture. We can always fiture out how to put a shower cap on Toby. It'll all be just fine. It always is!


Suse said...

Your adoration of the day bed is perfectly justified - it's quite lovely.

Is Toby ok?

Anonymous said...

Toby is fine. Teeth are clean and healthy, lump removed, stitches gone. He wondered why we did to him what we did, but he often wonders and then moves on.

Thanks for asking.