Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh the joys of juice

After 90 hours without power in sub-freezing temperatures, I am pleased to be back on the grid.

Oh the blogging that will come from this experience! Some photos even, including dramatic destruction and, as a bonus, Toby in a pastel-colored, fluffy dog coat, looking like quite the girly-boy. But for now I need to clear out my fridge and catch up on my life.

My sincere empathy goes out to the 200,000 people still without power - some of them in my neighborhood, still. Many are likely looking at a cold, dark Christmas. And my sincere thanks goes out to the Seattle City Light workers who have toiled on 18-hour shifts for five days now, many of whom spent an entire day on my street yesterday replacing four entire power poles and many yards of line. THANK YOU, guys!

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