Monday, November 13, 2006

Damn the rain

This morning my internet access was down, AGAIN. It's been happening on and off for the last week though I can't feel too cranky about it since I'm pretty sure it's on account of half the state of Washington being under water. But, I make my living from home and the lack of internet access cramps my billable style.

Meanwhile, I also had a rare asthma attack last night, probably because the rains of biblical proportion are causing everything to rot, which produces mold, to which I am violently allergic. So I woke up with bloodshot eyes and that unmistakable feeling in my chest, the feeling of lungs pumping in and out without actually taking in air.

As I sat at my computer, revising my productivity expectations downward for the day, I found myself pondering: Which am I missing more right now? The oxygen, or the DSL?

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