Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ten plagues upon my hooOoouse

Somehow I have angered the technology gods. I have this freakish DSL/phone problem in which faint electronic bursts erupt along my phone line every 30 minutes, at exactly :20 and :50 past the hour, disrupting my DSL signal - I KID YOU NOT. In addition, the letter O on my laptop keyboard has come loooooose.

The tile for the letter O has a loose little slot thingie on the back where it attaches to the bracket underneath, and it won't stay down. All I need is a new letter O.

HP will not sell a letter O. They will only sell an entire keyboard. And they will only install said entire keyboard themselves, in Memphis Tennessee - where I JUST SENT MY COMPUTER four weeks ago, to have the dead processor replaced.

AND although my computer is under warranty, this is not included because according to them, it is not possible for a single key to fail on its own. I must have Done Something To It. I assured them that this is not the case. No children have used this computer, I have not dropped anything on it. Plus, how environmentally wasteful is it to throw out an entire keyboard when all you need is the letter O tile?

Alas, I will be forced to go without my computer for a week and pay $350 if I want a new O key.I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do this. This one is holding on by a thread, but it's pretty flakey. It's amazing how often the letter O is required.

I used to have such good technology karma. What happened?? Whatever I did, I'm srry.

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