Monday, September 11, 2006

Eastward Ho!

I am leaving tomorrow for a combination business/vacation trip to Montana and Wyoming. First, four days of business at a client's annual conference at a resort in Montana. Every time I tell people about this, they say, "oh, how fun!" as in, wink wink, nudge nudge - a client-sponsored junket, eh? I will be WORKING. I will be working in a breathtaking natural setting, sure, but it will still be work, dressing up in business attire and faciltating eight hours of meetings and talking, talking, talking to people all the time, which is the ultimate in exhaustion for an introvert. Junket my ass.

Then, Enrico joins me and we're going to Yellowstone National Park for five days. We're staying right in the park, at the historic old lodges and cabins at Old Faithful and elsewhere. According to current weather forecasts, in the course of my stay the temperature is going to plummet by nearly 40 degrees. This week? Nearly 80. By the weekend? Snowing. Snowing, people.

But we don't care. It will be beautiful. If we can't hike as much as we'd like, we'll swim in the hot-spring swimming pool and drink hot toddies by the fireplace at the Old Faithful Lodge.

Check ya'll when I get back.

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