Friday, January 13, 2006

Building an ark

Here in Seattle we are on our 26th consecutive day of rain, the second-longest rainy streak on record. The longest known streak was 33 days in 1953, according to the local paper anyway. They're saying there's no end in sight to the rain, so this year just might be the record-breaker.

Maybe 26 straight days of rain doesn't sound that bad, but seriously - you just sink into the spongy, waterlogged ground by now, our carport has become a permanent lake, and I haven't been running in two weeks. It hasn't been the usual nice, gentle mist like you get in the produce section, either. Downpours. And, it turns out (according to my co-workers) that my office is on the windiest street corner in downtown Seattle. So I get horizontal downpours.

This record is not to be confused with the one we hit a few years ago for consecutive cloudy days. That was 93 or something. But it didn't actually rain every day. In fact we have been getting some sun between rainbursts, so I guess that's something.

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