Friday, November 11, 2005

You've gotta be bleepin' kidding me

Today I see in the news that George Bush has used the occasion of Veteran's Day to proclaim that people who are against the Iraq war are trying to "rewrite history."

This, from someone who claimed that we had to go to war because (a) Iraq had terrible weapons, (b) Iraq was part of the 9/11 attacks, and ergo (c) bringing down Saddam Hussein was part of the "War on Terror" and necessary for our personal safety? And now, when (a) and (b) have proven demonstrably false, he claims that in fact the war was all about bringing a better life to the Iraqi people and democracy to the Middle East? WHO'S REWRITING HISTORY HERE?

Because as I have said many times, I am always interested in putting myself inside someone else's head. I really wonder - does he believe this shit? Is this one of those cases - and I have seen it before - where someone genuinely rewrites reality in their head, because it's convenient, or because the previous reality is no longer bearable? Is he cynically lying?

I don't seriously want to get inside the man's head because that's gotta be one damn scary place to be. I don't know how you could possibly reconcile, say, "I am a Christian" with "torture is an acceptable tool in the pursuit of peace," in one united psyche. I picture all these incompatible beliefs careening erratically and dangerously in there, like highly-energized particles with opposing magnetic charges. But sometimes I really do wonder - is he delusional? Lying? A pathological liar, which is a little of both? Under the control of hypnosis, extraterrestrials, or a microchip implanted in his brain? WHAT?

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Gary Freedman said...

in three years it will all be over