Thursday, November 03, 2005

Signed up for another hitch

Yesterday I gave in and ordered us a new computer, complete with external backup drive and an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax. The time seemed right. I'm getting paid. The current laptop has developed an unnerving screen flicker, and I'm tired of being told several times a day that my device could be operating faster with a high-speed USB port!

I really wanted to switch to Mac this time. Really, really. But it was going to be so, so much more expensive, what with having to replace much software, and there are things that just don't exist for Mac. Visio, I would've missed you something awful.

So, it appears I've re-upped for another three year stint with Windows. It reminds me of when we bought our last car, having SWORN the next one would not be a gas-only vehicle, but the time just wasn't ripe yet to buy a hybrid. I'm excited to have my new toys, but it is a bittersweet moment.

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