Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Holy Moly

Just thought I'd take the five free minutes I have between commitments to say - holy Hannah, THIS is what it's like to be busy! A feeling I have not truly had since B.I. (Before Italy, aka May). In the course of one week, I am:

  • Finishing up three contract jobs (well almost - one is done, and next week is the end point for the other two)
  • Potentially starting a new interim executive job
  • Starting private investigator school (tonight)
  • Re-starting Italian conversation classes
  • Hiring a bookkeeper for the organization whose board I'm on, to save me from the horror of having to run payroll myself, as the Treasurer
  • Running a half marathon
  • Cleaning my house for the sake of the dogsitter who will stay here while we're away at aforementioned half marathon
  • Celebrating Enrico's and my tenth wedding anniversary
Yowsa. All good, but yowsa. How do people with children do it?? My head would explode. I am in awe of all you parents out there.

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