Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The baseball math that matters

I'd like for the White Sox to win the series, even though they're not my team, but I'd prefer they not do it in a clean four-game sweep.

I'm from a Chicago family but we're a Cubs family, and never the twain shall meet, although admittedly a few cousins have married into Sox families and gone over to the other side. That's ok, I understand that marital peace does sometimes require major sacrifices. But back in the day, my mama would take her change of clothes to church and catch the South Shore in to the city with a few of her 40+ cousins to see the Cubs play ball on a Sunday afternoon. A Cubs family we were then, and a Cubs family we shall remain.

So, the Sox don't get as much credit for being from Chicago as you might think, but I admit to some fondness for the old Comiski Park, which was a sweet little ballpark. And it gets brownie points for being named after a fellow "hunky noodle," as my aunt used to inexplicably refer to those of us of Slavic descent. Yeah, I have no idea, but she's passed on now so I'll never get to ask.

And yet, the Sox tore down that sweet little ballpark and replaced it with a monstrosity named after some big corporation. Plus, the hunky in question was supposedly a real SOB.

So, to sum up, it seems the mathematics of baseball goes something like this:
Chicago Team - Wrong Team + Charming Ballpark + Hunky Noodle - Demolished Charming Ballpark - Mean Hunky = Team should win, but not in a clean sweep.

So just for tonight - go Astros.

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