Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Monday Shellfish

Well it was an active Saturday and a lazy Sunday at Cold Comfort Farm, with a lovely hike in the mountains on Saturday, followed by the obligatory ice cream shake at Scott's Dairy Freeze in little North Bend, Washington, the purchase of some freshly harvested Washington cherries from a road-side stand, and dinner at a friend's house.

Sunday, on the other hand, was low on activity. The church is closed for seismic retrofitting. The weather was gray and cool. I did do yoga, and with the help of a little Internet research, I created a training schedule for myself for the Victoria half-marathon, which is a mere 13 weeks away. My friend Monica is considering going for the big enchilada, the full marathon, and is already up to 14-mile runs. Considering I haven't been running since before Italy, and I was running minimally at that, I'm cutting things a bit close. Most of the training plans were for 14 to 18 weeks, although there were a few for 12 weeks. I'm banking on the fact that I've always been a natural runner, if not a particularly fast one, and hoping the allergies behave themselves.

I spent the evening vegging in front of the TV for the first time since I got back from Italy, and I vow NOT to fall into that habit. It's just too boring. Not that vegging is an inherently bad thing, mind you, but it shouldn't be done mindlessly. My fellow packmates spent the afternoon doing some quality vegging, as you can see.

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